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On November 5th make your vote count! Polls open 6AM to 8PM.

Fall 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Maintaining a good school system ensures the integrity of our community and defines our township.  We live in a safe community with good schools, nice neighborhoods, recreational opportunities, excellent services and a healthy environment.  Together, we celebrate our diversity while our children reap the benefits of being educated in a setting that will best prepare them to compete in a global society.  From senior citizens, like my mother, to the young families just starting out, we all want our property values to increase yet we are struggling with higher costs.  Ensuring educational excellence in tough fiscal times requires strong leadership, dedicated service and innovative action.

Our school system is moving in the right direction.  Our school district is designated “High Performing” by the New Jersey State Department of Education and Piscataway High School recently received an “A” and was ranked “above average to excellent” by Inside Jersey Magazine, a publication of the Star Ledger.  This independent evaluation of all public high schools in the state noted the consistent, long-term educational progress of our students over four consecutive years.

Our continued forward momentum means aggressively seeking innovative ways of operating our school system to benefit students, teachers and taxpayers alike.  We all work hard for our money and tough economic times coupled with rising costs means we need to make every penny of our tax dollars count. Shared services, alternative energy and enterprise funds are just a few examples of how we work to promote fiscal responsibility.  We’re keeping the budget lean, making our school system more efficient and doing more with less while always working to maximize the resources that reach the children in the classroom.

On campaigning, our team believes that your family time is important. To that end, we will not approach you as you drop off your children at school, while you enjoy your children's sporting events or as you proceed to the voting booth, nor will we leave flyers on your cars. To be respectful, we will attend local events where hopefully we can engage in meaningful conversation about our schools. Please understand that it is our intention to provide you with information about our candidacy, but at no time do we want to be intrusive. We welcome any questions and pledge to continue working for a better Piscataway.

On Tuesday November 5th polls are open 6AM to 8PM. Make your voice count! The Board of Education candidates are located in column I. Please vote Mosier (Line 2), Opitz (Line 6), Peng (Line 7) for three year terms and Connors (line 9) for the one year term. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


Thomas Mosier

Paid for by the Election Fund of Thomas Mosier