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“Our school district is moving in the right direction. We continue to develop innovative ways to operate our school system. We’re keeping the budget lean, making our school system more efficient and doing more with less. We’re providing for our students and teachers while keeping costs down for the taxpayers. We’re working together to provide quality education and prepare our students for the future.”

-Thomas Mosier, Bob Opitz, Isaac Peng & Tom Connors

Student Achievement:
  • The Piscataway School District is designated “High Performing" by the New Jersey Department of Education. The DOE’s district performance review, commonly known as QSAC, evaluates how the school district functions in five key areas: instruction and program, fiscal management, governance, personnel, and operations.
  • Piscataway High School received an “A” and was ranked “above average to excellent” by Inside Jersey Magazine, a publication of the Star Ledger. The article rated schools throughout the state based on academic achievement and test score growth over a four-year period. The independent evaluation of all public high schools in the state noted the consistent, long-term educational progress of PHS students.
  • The Haven was established in 2010 to provide counseling to students with mental health issues that impede their academic progress. The availability of a mental health clinic in district has allowed students and families to obtain supportive therapy not readily available previously. Students with significant personal and/or family issues can access the Haven staff.
  • PHS offers 17 Advanced Placement and 19 Honors courses, more than most area high schools.
  • Health Insurance - $4.5 million savings in health insurance premiums has been saved over the past five years through the establishment of a self-insurance plan for medical, prescription and dental programs, and an “opt-out” program for employees who have health coverage from a family member.
  • Special Education - $4.5 million in savings over the past six years due through the establishment of in-district programs that enable students to remain in their home district while reducing the costs of out-of-district placements. Examples of these programs include the SAIL school-to-work program for cognitively impaired students and eight classes for the autistic population ranging from preschool to high school.
  • Energy - $700,000 in energy savings has been realized over the past five years through the use of energy efficient lighting, boilers, faucets, and windows. Recent additions of solar energy panels on district school buildings have provided a new revenue source in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, resulting in $200,000 of new income. The district sells these credits, generated from solar energy production, to energy companies that are required to meet specific energy standards.
  • Personnel - $1.1 million savings in wages and fringe benefits over the past three years through the outsourcing of classroom/bus aides and substitute teachers.
Community Satisfaction:
  • A 2012 independent survey (Monmouth University Polling Institute) shows that 95 percent of Piscataway parents are satisfied with our schools. This includes an 11% increase in general satisfaction among parents of Piscataway High School students over a similar survey in 2008. (60 percent of residents without children are satisfied, a 5 percent increase over the 2008 survey.)
  • The 2012 survey also showed parents believe Piscataway schools are highly rated academically and are well-regarded throughout the state.
  • 88 percent of parents believe that their child’s educational program includes the knowledge and skills necessary for future success.
  • 94 percent believe their child is safe at school, and 85 percent believe we have adequate emergency procedures.

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