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Thomas Mosier, Board President

Thomas Mosier, current President of the Board of Education, is a lifelong resident of Piscataway Township. He has two and a half decades of law enforcement experience working for the Piscataway Police Department where he has risen to the rank of Lieutenant. During his years as a police officer, Mosier has worked in the Patrol Division, Community Policing Section, Detective Division and the Juvenile Investigations Unit. He was also the Supervisor for the Special Victims Unit. Along with being a Lieutenant, Mosier is currently a member of the Piscataway Emergency Services Unit Crisis Negotiations Team. A negotiator, trained by the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mosier is responsible for the negotiations during a crisis situation.

For nearly a decade, Mosier’s professional career, as a detective in the Juvenile Division and a Sergeant in the Special Victims Unit, was dedicated to the youth in Piscataway. Working directly in the school system during those years, Mosier forged solid relationships with teachers, counselors and administrators alike. This provided him with the invaluable experience of seeing firsthand how important it is to have an excellent school system, along with a nurturing community. He knows that when you have both, you will create great kids who grow into successful adults. To understand Mosier’s devotion public safety here in Piscataway, you only need to see a sampling of the many awards, honors and commendations that he has received over the years.

Mosier was elected in 2008 and is currently serving as President of the Board and Chairman of Fiscal Planning & Operations. He previously served as vice-president and Curriculum Committee Chairman as well as serving on the Policy Committee. Mosier has worked to lower the budget over the past six years by maximizing shared services. He is a proponent of alternative energy and has worked to see the installation of solar panels throughout the district. Promoting literacy, to Mosier, is community based which is why he worked to initiate the “Piscataway Reads” program and can be seen at the “Senior Reading Buddies” program. Mosier’s philosophy of open communication has provided a better understanding of what the Piscataway community is thinking, so that the Board may be more responsive.

Mosier has been married for 20 years to his wife Christine. They are raising two wonderful children, Allison and Austin. Allison is a junior at Piscataway High School and Austin attends Conackamack Middle School. Having attended Piscataway’s public schools themselves, Tom and Christine know what a great education their children are receiving. Together, they have seen the many changes that have occurred over the decades, the improvements to not only the school buildings, but to the approach that is taken in teaching today’s students.

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